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Before the emergency department, Wang Xing, holding clothes , come and gone , but Liu Handong and Shu -fan , he is anxious wringing , that's one hundred thousand commission fee ah , related to their mortgage and milk money , lost wallet lost phones are losing face OK, that is not the Shu -fan lost ah. ??Walked into the emergency department and saw the corridor Shu -fan figure flash, Wang Xing catch up in the past , I saw a motorcycle Shu -fan pointing away , anxious tears DC . ??"Come with me ." Wang Xing trying to Lashu sail , was a throw off , the little girl actually went to a motorcycle chase . ??"Miss Shu , I'll take you to chase him ." This sentence is very useful Wang Xing Shu sail back immediately , urging Wang Xing to drive. ??After the corridor, Wang Xing hear one screaming , the probe looked small room nurse observing the tray out of the ground , floundered on the bed , bloody bandages, various pipe lines, there is a face there are holes in the guy unconscious. ??Wang Xing recognize this person is attendant long ancient army , called Gouzi , is a bully in the community , with the ancient army up after people die like a dog , hanging Shifeng Group demolition company project manager of the title, is actually a senior thugs , Liu Handong sudden departure , and he should be concerned . ??Back Jetta car, Li Shasha intercom rang again sounded the voice of the police dispatch , said Liu Handong encounter can discourage ineffective shot and killed . ??Wang Xing quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number of a friend of Interpol detachment . ??"Old million, I Wang Xing , give you information , Liu Handong not a murderer , he is also a victim , contract killings is long Shifeng Group ancient army ." Said Wang Xing is not guesswork , this ancient people had a long military also the police , and later was expelled because Mafia police contingent , was hired Shifeng Group , is nominally in charge of security , in fact, doing the dirty work of professionals . ??Phone Lao Wan replied: " top down a death order , I can stop talking with , where you are now , I'll be right over, Ma Guoqing Fireworks by how kind ? " ??" Horse right into the operating room , and I was in Medical University Affiliated Hospital ." Wang Xing finished, hang up the phone. ??Shu -fan, opened the door and left , Wang Xing, catching her : . " Where to go, the outside is very dangerous ." ??"You're not going to save him, right? " Wang Xing Shu -fan 's eyes look straight , clear eyes , the depths of the human heart straight . ??Wang Xing, the idea is to guess the true futile quibble : "He 's not dangerous , but police suspect that he is just ." ??" An aunt hired you to spend much money ? " Kaho still gazed at Wang Xing . ??" One hundred thousand ." Wang Xing replied. ??"My adult life , you can have bluestone Tech shares, I'll give you a million , to save him ." ??Shu -fan, although only fourteen years old, but mentally matured Moreover, girls more simple than adults , she was the daughter of the wealthy , to come up with a million really is not difficult, a million ah, the mortgage can be paid off immediately , but also to buy good car . ??Wang Xing Ascension into being . ??...... ??Yamaha road gallop , splash, Ma Ling mask off loudly asked: " ? Go ." ??" Died Feng Group ." Liu Handong replied that he considered ancient army Such people can not long to go home, but hidden in the secret place of the company or what , go to the company can certainly be found clues. ??Ma Ling suddenly accelerated , motorcycle ran out of two blocks , stopped at the door of a small clothing store . ??"What ? " Liu Handong asked. ??" Changing clothes ." Ma Ling short answer , take off the helmet to the handlebars of a release, walked into the store . ??A twenty -year-old woman was sitting in the hot body on the couch melon seeds , see Ma Ling came in he asked: " ? Ling sister , a quick time to come up ." ??Ma Ling said: "To get a line head sister , and his ." Said Liu Handong one finger . ??Ma Guoqing Liu Handong was arrested when loaded with wet T-shirt off , and even today is ** the upper body , muscles tough , six pack abs clear, hot woman whistled : "You man ? " ??"Do not talk nonsense , hurry , anxious waiting for something to go yet." Ma Ling urged impatiently , she came out of the emergency , wearing pajamas as long T-shirt and shorts slippers , not suitable for fighting. ??Hot woman deft throw out a few clothes over: " absolutely the right size , the locker room over there ." ??Ma Ling into the locker room , Liu Handong directly to a T-shirt sleeve on the body, do not be turned when the woman saw the hot Fourth pistol at the waist , can not help but ask: " ? Your Interpol ." ??Liu Handong noncommittal , this gun is Ma Guoqing , and the grip of the gun is also tied to the green outline , but left the chamber in the next rounds . ??Ma Ling came out from the locker room , home girl image instantly became a locomotive party , leather jacket jeans , feet are heavy motorcycle boots, hanging from a string around his neck tough style steel necklace. ??" There are guys store it?" Ma Ling asked. ??" Fights go , ah, there ! " Hot woman brought out from the back door to a mace . ??This is a bank security with weapons, stainless steel pole studded with a few spikes, just to scare people like goods . ??" With this ." Liu Handong picked up a baseball bat from the shelves , which is the store decorations , but better than beating mace also conveniently . ??Ma Ling took brandishing two, nodded. ??"For shoes , handsome brother ." Hottest woman handing me one pair forty-three yards Oakley desert boots. ??Liu Handong channel sound Xie , took off his feet covered with mud rotten sports shoes , put on boots, Ma Ling has launched a motorcycle , and he hastened past step onto the back seat. ??"Good-bye , Ling sister, handsome brother ." Between hot woman waving a motorcycle has sprang to ten meters . ??Evening the streets, running all the way motorcycles roared past the River City is Jin Mo city, but police were seen whizzing large displacement motorcycles often do not grasp, because they play a non- motorized rich that you , not worthwhile to trick yourself into trouble . ??City roads, coupled with heavy rain , urban road congestion together again , but Ma Ling Motocross unaffected , at turtle speed shuttle traffic in front row forward , speed diminished, encountered really make life difficult for local directly open road calculus , across from the sidewalk and even inside the mud in the site , and soon arrived Shifeng Group 's headquarters is located in the northern suburbs . ??Shifeng Group's strength in the northern suburbs built an industrial park , now has eight o'clock at night , the building is still lit , the park 's electric fence gate has been closed , leaving only a small staff out of the door , the guard room, two uniformed security is on duty . ??"How to enter ? " Ma Ling asked, motorcycles parked twenty meters away from the door in place , the motor roar. ??" Direct ." Liu Handong road. ??Ma Ling passed a twist throttle , came to the door pinch brakes, electric motorcycle cross in front . ??Liu Handong off , went to the guard room knocked on the front windows , security asked: " ? Would you lookin ' ??" I'm looking for a long ancient army, he owes me money ." Liu Handong security in fraud , because he was not sure of ancient long military in the company . ??"You wait, I make a phone call ." Security picked up the intercom phone and dialed the extension, Liu Handong noticed he dialed number is 815 , which is likely also the office room number . ??Telephone communication , security whisper a few words , looked up and said: ? " What's your name ." ??Liu Handong raised eyebrows and said: . " Brethren highlighted the danger their lives for him , he dare Debating money for the journey to me, tell me, do not give money to put the thing out of pocket ( read the full text of the official art ) ." ??Security bow and then called to say a few words and said: . " You go inside , the ancient minister in 303 , turn left on the second floor ." ??Electric door slowly opened, Liu Handong turn around and step onto the motorcycle, Yamaha into the park. ??Door hidden location , camera flashing glow . ??...... ??Ancient military has long seen from the office computer screen in front of a large monitor screen in an attempt to muddle through what he hated Liu Handong , this kid has brought a helper to today, let them die without burial . ??Today, with the eight professional killer to do away goal, it happens kind of weather, bad weather has become the best camouflage , the thought Madaochenggong , which know the military destruction , gang regressed Donghonghong trail character , simply amateur " professional killer ." ??Since then this single job , there is no smooth over , to find a scapegoat Tigers turned out to be the head , not only killed his younger brother , the cub 's face was reinforced throughout the ancient long military hate Liu Handong Life, Shu -fan is killed normal course of business , to kill Liu Handong is private hatred . ??Originally action failed, he was going to go out shelter , I did not expect to come to Liu Handong , ancient military decided to kill him a long walk . ??He picked up the phone: " hadrons with five to 303 , there will be two people come to me in trouble , give me to do them ." ??"Military brother, dying alive ? " ??"Kill , " go into the concrete pour . " ??...... ??Motorcycle drove into the park, Liu Handong Ma Ling suddenly patted the shoulder , indicating parking , Ma Ling stopped and turned to ask him: " ? Doing ." ??"Let the meter , and was seen through the ancient army ." Liu Handong road, he felt came too easy to ancient army had been a police qualifications of view, not so good coax ( TXT download the latest chapter ) . ??"That's supposed to ? " Ma Ling asked. ??" Salad, airborne born to be surrounded ." Liu Handong confident road. ??"You used to be airborne ? Special forces ? " Ma Ling eyes shining spark of worship . ??"My car soldiers fired transport truck ." Liu Handong road. ??"Oh, you're not in the final analysis we supposed to do ? " ??" Under the underground garage ." Liu Handong Road , the park lights, cameras all over , there is no way to enter the building hidden , not as upright killed in the past . ??Motorcycle drove into the underground parking , this scene is seen ancient long before the military monitors , can not help but wonder , then you can stop the long and short in front of the building , the two men actually entered the underground garage, in the end want to do ? ??Underground garage, a motorcycle stopped by uniformed security approached and asked them to do,���ӹ�asked him: " ? Distribution room is not here." ??"Yes ah , what do you do ? " Security suspicion Road . ??" I'm sorry ." Liu Handong said. ??Security Diamond Joji puzzled . ??Ma Ling knifed from behind to hand a note , security collapsed to the ground , Liu Handong off his body skillet bright flashlight and walkie-talkies , walked toward the power distribution room, willy-nilly , all the gates were all pulling next . ??Shifeng building into a mass of darkness , followed by some of the emergency lights lit up. ??" Upstairs , the ancient long Army 815 ." Liu Handong road. ??" How do you know ? You come over here ? " Ma Ling was surprised . ??" With here ." Liu Handong pointed to his head. Tag : Gucci Wallet,Cheap Gucci Bags On Sale,Gucci bags online,Gucci Handbags Sale,gucci belts
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